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January - February 2014 / NATM3 Ltd., London

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb / Film: Special Effects crew on the London shoot, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

January - March 2012 / Website Design, North Norfolk

Website Design: Total re design and update of www.james-miller.biz

September - November 2011 / MOMS Appeal, London

Graphic Design: Logo for the MOMS (Multidisciplinary Obstetrics and Midwifery Safety) Appeal.

June - September 2010 / Project Management, Bedfordshire

Project Managed: Renovation and general building work on Grade II Listed Building.

January - February 2008 / Design Project, North Norfolk

Design Project: Designed and built a mezzanine floor, steps and wall.

July 2006 - Present / Norfolk Fencing Ltd., North Norfolk

Director: Sole Owner and Director of Norfolk Fencing Ltd.

Graphic Design: Logo and branding for Norfolk Fencing Ltd.

June 2004 - June 2006 / Savory Fencing Ltd., North Norfolk

Director: Joint Owner and Director of family business with equal share.

Graphic Design: Logo and branding for Savory Fencing Ltd.

August 2003 - May 2004 / Asylum Models and Effects Ltd., London

Marks and Spencer: Fairytale popup book, read by Sir Patrick Stewart, TV commercial.

Royal Mail: Words wrapped as parcels and big clocks, TV commercial.

WHSmith: Products in miniature as Christmas decorations, TV commercial.

Sainsbury’s: Large model set and rigs, TV commercial.

Halifax: 16ft tall building which sets sail and then sails off, TV commercial.

Autoglass: Exploding man and effects, TV commercial.

Ford Focus: Pinball machine model set, TV commercial.

Carlsberg: Lighthouse model and props, TV commercial.

Prince Polo: Chocolate models and liquid effects, TV commercial.

Damien Hirst: Damien Hirst Installation for Tate Britain.

Tide: 12th scale model street of New England wooden houses, TV commercial.

Ritter Sport: Chocolate models and liquid effects, TV commercial.

Central Office of Information (COI): Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), TV commercial.

Esso: Flame transformation and dashboard time travel, TV commercial.

Doritos: Opening sofa, self opening briefcase and props, TV commercial.

Sugar Puffs: Thunderbird 1 cereal bowl, self destructing props and set, TV commercial.

Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy / Film: The guide book, thumb ring, guns, models and props etc.

April - July 2003 / Dyson Ltd., Malmesbury, Wiltshire

New Product Development: Senior Design Engineer working with James Dyson on a daily basis.

November - December 2002 / BBC Special Effects, Department, London

Thomas The Tank Engine Stage show: Designing and making 5 working nearly life size vehicles.

October 2002 / Artem Ltd., London

Lazytown: 2 Banraku style puppets which were in the TV pilot for the TV series.

April - May 2002 / Eon Productions Ltd., Pinewood Studios, London

Die Another Day / Film: Model unit on James Bond 007 No 20 making model cars and plans etc.

March 2002 / Asylum Models and Effects Ltd., London

02: Bubble effects, working under water filming in Oceanic's dive tank, TV commercials.

March - December 2001 / Asylum Models and Effects Ltd., London

German recycling: Built a 5ft model set and large yogurt pots & coke cans, TV commercials.

Thames Water: Thames Water, kinetic water features Billboard, on the Cromwell Road, London.

Walkers Crisps: Walkers Crisps TV commercial staring Gary Lineker and Sir Steve Redgrave.

Sony: A large model building for a Sony TV commercial.

Cannon: Two chrome-plated body costumes for a Cannon TV commercial.

Bob the Builder Stage Show: Five life size working vehicles were designed and made for the show.

February 2001 / The Magic Model Co Ltd., London

Mercedes Benz: Built an 8m model of Noah’s Ark for an American TV commercial.

May - December 2000 / Neal Scanlan Studios Ltd., London

Don't Eat the Neighbours: 11 Animatronic characters for children's TV series, filmed in Vancouver.

Tweenies: 14 Animatronic heads for the children's TV series, stage show and world tour.

April - May 2000 / Jim Henson's Creature Shop, London

Cheetos crisps: Toy robot for the Cheetos crisps, TV commercial.

February 2000 / Harris Blyth Ltd., London

Geneva Motor Show: Stainless steel exhibit for Ford at the Geneva Motor Show.

January - March 2000 / Website Design, North Norfolk

Website Design: Designed new website www.james-miller.biz

October - December 1999 / Asylum Models and Effects Ltd., London

The Millennium Dome: Electron Microscope, Body Zone Lab Room in The Millennium Dome.

May - July 1999 / Artem Ltd., London

Alton Towers Summer Show: Designing and making gas machine guns and other rigs.

Spanish Lottery: Animatronic duck and rigs for TV commercial, filmed on location in Madrid.

Italian chocolate: Animatronic bear & raccoon for TV commercial, filmed on location in Milan.

February - March 1999 / Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, London

Construction Site: Animatronic vehicle characters for the children's TV series.

April - August & October 1998 / Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, London

Animal Farm / Film: Animatronic horses and other animals, including film location work in Ireland.

February 1998 / Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, London

Sony: Animatronic pig for a TV commercial.

Doctor Dolittle: Creatures for the theatre production.

July - December 1997 / Logo Design North Norfolk

Graphic Design: Logo design for website and business card.

July - December 1997 & March 1998 / The Unlimited Speedsailing Co. Ltd., North Norfolk

World Speed Sailing record: Making a 60ft/18.2m catamaran, with a 72ft/22m mast in carbon fiber.

June - July 1997 / Pennicott Payne Ltd, London

Tomorrow Never Dies / Film: Mobile phone which Bond uses to drive his car remotely around a car park.

Pantene: Hair products, chopsticks and rigs for TV commercial.

Goldfish Credit Card: Maquette of a coral set for TV commercial.

May - June 1997 / Asylum Models and Effects Ltd., London

Kodak: Animatronic chameleons for TV commercial.

Shell & Ferrari: Oil molecular structure, big oil bottles, large moving engine for TV commercial.

Carlsberg: Model set of a Carlsberg factory, alien space ship and alien creature for TV commercial.

March - April 1997 / Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, London

Lost in Space / Film: Making four 10ft/3m tall working robots, electrically and hydraulically powered.

December 1996 / Pennicott Payne Ltd, London

Event Horizon / Film: Nine cryogenic capsules made from perspex held vertically and filled with water.

May - June 1996 / Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, London

Lincoln Centre, New York: Pinocchio displays for an exhibition at the Lincoln Centre, New York.

November 1995 / Odysea Ltd., London (A Greek food import and distribution company)

B.B.C. Good Food Show: Designed and organized their stand at the N.E.C. Birmingham.

July 1995 / Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, London

The Adventures of Pinocchio / Film: Animatronics and two mobile work shops that went to Prague.

March - April 1995 / Ack Ack Ltd., London

Pirelli Cable Department: A miniature set for a French Pirelli Cable billboard commercial.

Kit Kat Ice cream: Eight foot long Kit Kat Ice cream bars made into a jetty, billboard commercial.

Hertz Car Rental: 100 Hertz Oscar like awards for staff performance.

September 1994 - February 1995 / Hothouse Models and Effects Ltd., Colchester

Star Trek – The Lost Voyage of the Enterprise: 5 Star Trek models from 6-15ft long, theatre production.

The Starship Enterprise (Next Generation): 5½ft models with 2000 windows, internally lit, shop displays.